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Picnic table

Kids Dinning Table

Suitable for 2 years old to 8 years old

Afternoon meeting with friends

Warm sunshine and comfortable breeze

Put your favorite tableware and food

It's a picnic party full of ritual

Dining on furniture suitable for children makes children fall in love and enjoy the beauty of food

Feel the atmosphere of the surrounding space

Talk to your friends

When is the next picnic

I hope it's also good weather

幼兒家具 野餐桌 eguchitoys

[Picnic table kids dinning table]

Size: 100x50x37 cm

100x50x45 cm

Weight: 12kg

​Bearing weight: 80kg

Material: Oak+Walnut


arm bench arm bench

Dimensions: 80x30x30cm, seat height 16cm

          80x30x38cm, 座位高23cm

Weight: 6kg

​Load bearing: 80kg

Material: walnut + oak + iron rod

​Origin: Taiwan

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