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Work apron

Kids Apron

Suitable for over 2 years old

Size S/M

A work apron specially designed for children,
Let the children turn into little chefs to cook,

The gardener digs dirt, or is a small helper who washes things.

Parents don’t have to worry about their children getting their clothes dirty,

Children can also focus more on the fun of work.

The elastic head and waist design can be adjusted according to the size of the child.

The use of devil felt allows children to practice putting on and taking off by themselves.

Accidentally knocking over things while working

do not worry

Use small rag gloves to clean it!

Small hands can be put in the design suitable for small children

Reduce children's frustration caused by poor control of general large rags,

Just use the right tools,

You can do a good job of cleaning up!

[Work apron S/M kids apron S/M]


           S 45x38.5cm (height 70~100cm)

M 45x50cm (over 100cm tall)


           S 85g

M 104g

Material: pure cotton


[Rag gloves glove rag]

Size: 11.5x11x1cm (single)

Weight: 14g (single)

Material: cotton terry cloth

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