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Wooden Flying Bird-Seagull

Mobile Bird-Seagull

Suitable for 0-99 years old

Activity strap especially suitable for infants and toddlers

Children like to wander in nature

Feel the light, breeze and rain


The green leaves are swaying in the wind, and the little eyes are busy spinning and spinning

Flying birds across the sky make little hands and feet waving eagerly

Falling rain...

The raindrops falling on the ground make little children jump and jump excitedly

We want children to live in such an environment
Mobile Bird brings natural atmosphere into the home

Pull the ring lightly... the bird is flying...

Children can change the external environment

Be the master of the little world

With the vision flying, the mood will also jump with joy


In balance

Appreciate the beautiful images of nature

When letting go

The vast sky after learning to let go

Let us keep a pure and innocent childhood for our children


飛鳥 mobilebird eguchitoys 海鷗
飛鳥 mobilebird eguchitoys 海鷗
飛鳥 mobilebird eguchitoys 海鷗

[Seagull Seagull]


Contents 70x91x19cm

Packing 76x16x8cm

Weight: 1kg

Material: Pine

Color: blue / black / pink

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