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Suitable for novice parents


A designer with Montessori education,
Present the development of infants and young children from zero to three in a lively way,
It is the best reference index for infants and young children or preschool educators at home.

From zero to twelve months in the first half, starting with the items that need to be prepared during pregnancy,
Every month the baby’s body movements develop and the fine movements of the hands,
And draw a detailed drawing of teaching aids and activities suitable for the baby at different stages,
Let parents not miss important milestones in the baby's development.

The process and environment from the lowest feeding stage to natural weaning,
Colors are used to show the baby's adaptation and changes in this gradual process.

The second half is one to three years old, what you can do in the environment for toddlers,
Rich and diversified activities give young children the opportunity to learn to take care of themselves,
Pay attention to the environment and experience the big and small things in life.

The picture clearly shows the progress of the activity according to the child’s ability,
From the simplest loops, to the tricks of different difficulties and the changing beads,
Improve the child's hand-eye coordination ability, and finally progress to the use of needlework.

After the children from zero to three years old have gained a wealth of life experience,
I am also ready to enter groups of three to six and learn through sensory mathematics language and other teaching aids.

蒙特梭利, 教具, 幼兒發展, ivy's house

The development of zero-year-olds is amazing,

In just one year, the baby will turn over to walk.
In this process, if we can provide a suitable environment,

Let the baby have the opportunity to explore freely,

Children’s daily life will be a series of discoveries and joys.
The NIDO film not only records the milestones in the growth of zero-year-olds,

It also explains the key to helping psychological development.

When a three-month-old baby tries to stretch his body,

And when you can get the toy,

It is accompanied by "I can do it" and "I am capable."
This ability acquired through the baby's own actions is the foundation of a sound mind in the future.
Montessori uses the way of learning in life,

Turn the daily routine of eating, drinking, playing, and sleeping into opportunities for learning.
Babies practice according to their own development speed.
These simple concepts and techniques allow mothers or babysitters to enjoy every moment of baby growth.


[Development picture/English timeline CH/EN]


Contents: 74.7x25.7cm

Packing: 5x5x30cm
Material: paper


[DVD-Natural Weaning]

Chinese narration is 32 minutes long

0y 生活紀錄.JPG

[DVD-0-year-old’s life record]

Chinese narration is 32 minutes long

0y 動作發展.JPG

[DVD-0-year-old's movement development]

Chinese narration is 22 minutes long

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