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Organic cotton practice pants

Organic cotton training pants

After the application will crawl

Size 75/90/110 cm

This is a practice pants to help children change from diapers to normal pants!

+ The training pants are naturally breathable and not stuffy, eliminating the discomfort of paper diapers

+ Let the baby be sensitive to the body's urination and defecation and then learn to control the body

+ Good urine absorption, eliminating the pain of wiping the floor

+ Practice pants can be reused to reduce pollution

練習褲 training pants 蒙特梭利 montessori ivy's house

Why do we choose (recommended) practice pants?

1. "Wet urine" is more important than "dryness"

The TV commercial says:

"The diapers are so comfortable, soft and absorbent! Keep your baby's butt dry!"

This is why we don't use it. The child cannot feel that he is wet,

It's a terrible decision whether to change diapers or not to become an adult!

For us, babies know that they are wet, which is the beginning of knowing their own body!

We let the baby wear practice pants, wet urine, cry to express discomfort,

Then, put on clean pants.

In this cycle, the baby can know the comfort of wearing dry pants and the unpleasantness of drenching.

Although it is more troublesome, but it makes the baby feel wet,

It's definitely more convenient than adults' "always dry", and it's more important!

2. Do you like sticking plastic bags on your body?

The paper diaper is to put a chemical absorbent pad on the child's body, and then stick it with tape!

Can you take it on your baby's delicate and sensitive skin every day?

The design of the practice pants is close to the body and comfortable, and it also allows mothers to easily put on and take off the baby.

For adults and children, it eliminates the small conflicts when sticking diapers.

Let the tense process of changing diapers become a relaxed and pleasant moment of intimacy.

The elastic elastic bands on the waist and hips can be adjusted with the baby’s activities,

Adapt to the different movements of the body, completely covering, without excessive pressure,

Let your baby crawl or walk around freely.

3. Not just wearing pants!

Why are they called practice pants? Just let the baby practice wearing pants by himself.

After the child can walk, he wants to do many things by himself.

Of course, wear pants too!

Designed into a trousers shape, so that the child can simply take off and put on a clean one after wetting,

When they no longer need the help of their mother and can do it alone,

The child builds his confidence and knows he grows up!

So, this is not just a pair of pants, we call it practice pants!

4. Is the paper diaper easy to use and easy to throw away?

The diapers can be thrown away after use. It's really convenient!

But, did you know?

The chemical process part of diapers cannot be naturally decomposed by the environment.

Is it really safe to wrap your child's skin in such a material all day?

Our practice pants are made of 100% organic, dye-free double-thick cotton cloth,

It can absorb the baby's normal excretion at a time.

Of course, it can also be washed and reused. When we baby the body,

It also reduces the burden on the earth.

Let us love the earth without fear of trouble!

練習褲 training pants 蒙特梭利 montessori ivy's house

[Practice pants 6-piece set]

Size: 75/90/110 cm

Weight: 80g/piece

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