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Toddler tables and chairs

Weaning Table & Chair

Applicable for more than 7 months

Simple lines and structure, texture and color of logs

Naturally blend into the home environment without appearing childish

The sweet world of two people, the perfect dream nest!

Since... there is a little baby

Everything... is different

Decorate the baby room, play area...

Slowly...and have dinner with Dad and Ma Ma


The grown-up baby never wants to be trapped in a chair anymore

Parents don’t understand why the baby can’t finish a meal obediently

The little baby doesn’t understand why dad always asks him to sit down

He will eat when he is hungry

When I'm full, I want to go off the table and play

The little baby also wants to be like an adult,

Decide the length of the meal for yourself, freely go on and off the table

Parents only need to prepare safe and suitable furniture,

Remind the time of meal

The baby will happily finish the meal,

Get off the table and play by yourself

[Kids Table]
Size: 55x45cmx30cm/38cm
Weight: 6kg

Material: Walnut+Beech

[Toddler chair]
Size: 37x33x30cm, seat height: 16cm/19cm
Weight: 2kg

Material: Walnut+Beech

幼兒桌椅 斷奶 weaning 幼兒家具 eguchitoys

[Children's table and chair group]

Table 55x45x30cm/38cm

Chair 37x33x30cm, seat height: 16cm/19cm

Table 6kg

Chair 2kg


Table walnut + beech

Chair Walnut+Beech

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