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Who We Are

Founded by Kentaro Eguchi, who designs and proofs all products by himself

We believe that good toys must be suitable for children's developmental needs at all stages

The degree of muscle development, the size of the body, the jobs you are interested in at each stage...

So we have toys for children to practice hand-eye coordination or hand muscles,

Toddler furniture suitable for children's length,

Living tools to help children experience work

Ken, who studied art in New York, likes the warm texture of wood, and beautiful color matching is his forte

The toys of eguchitoys take into account education and aesthetics, and accompany children to grow up happily

Yes! The original toy can be like this

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Business location: 1st Floor, No. 46, Alley 3, Lane 106, Section 3, Minquan East Road, Taipei​

Who Are We
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