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Handmade wooden toys for little hands at the start of life

Combining a qualified 3-6 years Montessori teacher and a Fine Visual Arts two majors, Kentaro Eguchi brings a fresh air to the Montessori toys design. After founding and managing “Ivy’s House Montessori Kindergarten” in 1997 in Taipei, Taiwan. He started designing Montessori teaching materials in 2016 .
Later, joining by other talented designers, carpenters, preschool educators, plus the efforts of the management team, Eguchitoys soon becomes the market leader in Taiwan and also one of the leading suppliers for Montessori toys worldwide. 
Eguchitoys upholds the principles of Montessori child-centered approach and innately motivated to learn for each of our products. 
Our products range from wooden blocks, puzzles, hanging birds, kid’s furniture and houseware.
Each product is carefully crafted to provide an engaging and challenging experience that helps children develop cognitive, social, and emotional skills.
Our Montessori products are suitable for children ages from infants to preschoolers, they also perfect for use in Montessori schools, daycare centers, and homeschooling environments.

Founder Kentaro Eguchi graduated from the New York School of Visual Arts and worked in Takashi Murakami's studio for several years.

He has more than ten years of teaching experience in operating Ivy Montessori kindergartens and parent-child spaces.

Since 2015, develop its own brand eguchitoysWith the participation of designers, carpenters and professional preschool educators.

Committed to designing all kinds of creative teaching materials, toys and household items.

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