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Q1. How to purchase goods?

Please go to the official online mall, physical stores or distribution channels to purchase

- Official online store:

- Direct Selling Store: 1st Floor, No. 46, Lane 3, Lane 106, Section 3,

- Direct Selling Store: Minquan East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City

- Distribution channels

Q2. Is it possible to ship abroad?

Shipping services can be arranged in all countries, please place an order on the Official online store.


Q3. How to handle returns and exchanges?

• After contacting us, please return the invoice and the product to No. 46, Alley 3, Lane 106, Section 3, Minquan East Road, Taipei, and provide the receiving information; you can also exchange goods at the directly-operated store during business hours.

• If the product is defective, eguchitoys will be responsible for the full shipping cost.

• After receiving the returned product, the refund will be made within three days. If you do not receive a billing notification after receiving the refund notification, please contact the credit card company and pay attention to the monthly bill.

Q4. How to cancel an order?

If the order status has not been paid, the order will not be established; if the product has been paid for, you need to contact us for processing.



Q5. What shipping and payment methods are currently available?

At present, only post office or courier home delivery services are provided, and the payment method is mainly by credit card payment.



Q6. What should I do if I accidentally place a wrong order?

You can contact us and we will provide you with the service of modifying the order.



Q7. How much is left in stock?

If you can buy it, it means that it is in stock. If it is out of stock, please contact us to inquire about the purchase time.



Q8. What should I do if the product is damaged?

Natural damage: free maintenance within one year, and a maintenance fee will be charged after one year.

Man-made damage: need to charge the maintenance fee.

Please send the product back to No. 46, Lane 3, Lane 106, Section 3, Minquan East Road, Taipei, and provide the receiving information. You can also go to the directly-operated store for repairs during business hours.



Q10. Is it possible to ship abroad?

Shipping services can be arranged in all countries, please place an order on the eguchitoys official website

Q11. How long does it take to receive the product after ordering?

Spot goods will be sent out within three days, and will arrive within about five days after delivery; pre-ordered products will be sent out according to the agreed time. (Certain events and festivals may delay shipments.)


Q12. Can I rent furniture?

At present, we provide rental services for Weaning tables, Weaning chairs and work ladders. Please inquire if you have any needs.



Q13. Is there any customized service?

If you have customized needs, please contact us.

Product Details

1. Suggestions on the size of daily necessities and the application of small children

◎ Aprons

  S: Children with a height of 80~95cm

  M: Children with a height of 90~110cm

  L: Children with a height of 100~120cm



◎ Training pants

It is strongly recommended to measure the baby's leg circumference to choose the size, so that you can have the most suitable training pants for your baby! Don't throw it into the washing machine in a hurry after the arrival, try it on for your baby first, and if the size is not right, we can exchange it for you

  75cm: Leg circumference 30~36cm, Age 1y~2y Height 65~80cm, Weight 8~12kg

  90cm: leg circumference 32~38 cm, age 1y6m~3y height 80~90cm, weight 10~14 kg

  110cm: leg circumference 36~44 cm, age 2ym+ height 90+cm, weight 12+ kg



2. Child furniture size and recommendations for small children

◎ Kids Table

  30cm: under 90cm in height, after sitting ~2y

  38cm: height 90~105cm, age 1y6m~4y6m



◎ Kids Chair

Since each child's body shape is different, you can come to the store to try to buy, or try to sit immediately after receiving the goods

  16cm: under 90cm in height, after sitting~2y

  19cm: height 90~105cm, age 1y6m~4y6m



◎Kids Dining table

  37cm: age 2y~4y

  45cm: age 3y~8y



◎ Arm bench

  16cm: age 2y~4y

  23cm: age 3y~8y



3. Suggestions on the application of children's teaching aids (please help children practice using them under the supervision of adults.)

◎ Music box

Babies who are born can use it. When they can hold hands at seven to eight months, they can practice catching the ball. When the baby's small muscles are stronger, they can play music by themselves!


◎ Locking Block

You can try to practice when the baby starts to clap at about eight to nine months.


◎ Rocking Base and Object Permanence Box

It can be used after the baby can sit, and can train the baby's small muscles and hand-eye coordination.

How to maintain wooden furniture

1. Instructions for use

Please avoid direct air-conditioning/heating and direct sunlight, because the temperature will cause the wood to expand and contract, causing cracks.



2. How to clean wooden furniture

It can be cleaned with a rag dipped in water. It is not recommended to use alcohol and chemical cleaning products, which will cause damage to the desktop. If it is the first time to use, you can use spray alcohol, and then dry it quickly with a rag.



3. What should I do if I accidentally leave water stains on the wooden furniture?

If there are water spots on the desktop, wait for the surface to dry and let it stand for a day, then grind it with fine sandpaper, and then apply beeswax with a dry cloth.

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