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Animal High Chair

Simple lines and structure, texture and color of logs

Naturally blend into the home environment without appearing childish

More cleverly use animal styling elements to attract children to seats

A three-year-old child has a more stable body balance

I didn’t want my parents’ help, I wanted to do everything myself

Build self-confidence through physical control and psychological autonomy.


Animal high chair

Allow children to go up and down on their own with the assistance of parents

The height of the seat is also suitable for the dining table in the general home

And can sit upright or upside down according to the needs of small children

In addition to meals, you can also accompany your parents to do housework together.

Lovely hand made animal high chair with simple structure and function. Wooden sensation and color fit into living space naturally. Animal elements attract children to enjoy the time while eating.

Animal High Chair

Size: 55x38x73 cm

         seat height: 54 cm

Weight: 8kg

Material: Walnut, Oak, Beech

Made in Taiwan


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