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Animal painting

Animal copy frame + animal model

Suitable for 0-99 years old

1. In line with the child's cognitive learning process, extending from concrete objects to abstract pictures.

2. Finely made with logs, keeping the original color and texture of the wood, simple and warm.

3. Provide multiple uses, not only beautiful frame decorations, but also children's learning tools, but also a secret cabinet for little babies!

4. Free choice of a variety of animals, allowing children to create their own unique way of playing, plus other toys at home to have a small farm!

The size of the wooden frame in the photo is for reference. The actual size is small rectangular 22*25.5*7.5cm large rectangular 28*34.5*7.5cm


( Small rectangle)

Polar bear

(Optional big long party & small rectangular)


(Optional big long party & small rectangular)


(Optional big long party & small rectangular)

Brown bear

(Optional & Dae large rectangular square)

Water antelope

(Optional big long party & small rectangular)

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