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Apron  Glove Rag

Apron designed for children, they can change to become cook kneading dough, digging earth with shovel or a helper washing things. Children can concentrate on the work and parents don’t need to worry about dirty clothing as well.
Elastic design can adjust different size. Using velcro is easier for young child to put on and off by himself.
original cotton presents simple life sense, and fit to all kind of life style.

Putting little hand in the glove rag and clean is much easier for children to apply. Without the struggle for grabbing rag hard, children can practice cleaning easier. 

Kids Apron 

weight: 85~105g

material: cotton

Made in Taiwan

Size S

45 x 38.5 cm

Size M

45 x 50 cm

Size L

95 x 55 cm



Adults Apron

Size: 100 x 70 cm

weight: 120g
material: cotton
Made in Taiwan

抹布 卡其 白 藍  01.jpg

Glove Rag (5pcs)

Blue | White  | Khaki | Pink | Multi

size: 11.5 x 11 x 1 cm / pc

weight: 14 g / pc 
material: cotton

Made in Taiwan


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