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Mobile Bird
Pelican  |  Baby bird  |  Mini bird

Unique Wooden Dynamic Ornament.

Create a healing space at home.

You can choose from a variety of styles in the Mobile Bird series.


Lightly lift the lob

The exquisite and small bird wings flap lightly and neatly.

Like a baby bird just learning to fly,

Fly hard but not afraid!.


We turn birds into home accessories.

Adults and children alike will love this mysterious and beautiful experience.

Let the space have more natural atmosphere.

The air comes lightly with the wings of the logs and birds, and the mood soars.


Space needs a warm design.

A classic by designer Eguchi Ken.

Selected pine wood with even distribution of oil.

High-quality solid wood cutting.

Unique technology, the bird dynamically spreads its wings and soars high.

送子鳥 pelican mobilebird eguchitoys 江口設計


Size: 95x107x120 cm

Weight: 2 kg

Material: pinewood

mobilebird eguchitoys 江口設計

Baby Bird

Size: 60x74x95cm 

Weight: 1 kg

Material: pinewood

Made in Taiwan



minibird mobilebird eguchitoys

Mini Bird

Size: 40x45x72 cm 
Weight: 350 g
Material: Pinewood

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