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Training Pants

This is a practice pants to help children change from diapers to normal pants!


+ The training pants are naturally breathable and not stuffy, eliminating the discomfort of paper diapers

+ Let the baby be sensitive to the body's urination and defecation and then learn to control the body

+ Good urine absorption, eliminating the pain of wiping the floor

+ Practice pants can be reused to reduce pollution

Training pants can support your babies when they start to be interested in learning using the toilet. By knowing the discomfort, babies practice their physical ability. We design little belts on the pants for children to grab and dress up.


Training Pants

Weight: 80g (1pc)

material: cotton

Size Selection Guide:

Size 75

Thigh circumference: 30-36cm 

height: 65-80cm

weight: 8-12kg

Size 90

Thigh circumference: 32-38cm

height: 80-90cm

Weight: 10-14kg

Size 110

Thigh circumference: 36-44cm

Height: 90+cm

Weight:  12+kg

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