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Voyage Series
Cutting busy Box  |  Montessori Sewing Kit

Simple tools, unlimited creativity


Child's paper-cutting work box

Let the child use scissors to cut out various patterns

From simple to complex, from plane to three-dimensional

Work box that combines learning and fun


Contents of the Scissor Box:

A pair of small scissors

16 kinds of large-format paper-cuts in five colors

5 kinds of small pattern paper-cutting in five colors


20201223 090.jpg

Voyage series

Cutting busy box

size: 15.5x15.5x5 cm

weight: 370 g

content: scissors, papers, paper strips


20201223 061.jpg

Voyage series

Montessori sewing kit

size: 15.5x15.5x5 cm

weight: 370 g

content: paper, fabric, needle, thread

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